Most memorable experiences

This was awesome high school year ! I had a lot of new experiences, but one of the best experiences was Photography 1 class. Form first to the last class I enjoined. It was a lot of interesting assignments, homework's, nice pictures, working on the photoshop and a lot of new things what I never did in my life. If I have to chose 2 most memorable experiences I would choose, assignment in the dark room. It was really interesting how you can produce very nice picture from basically pin whole. It was very nice to work with chemicals and to take some awesome shots with my friends. The second most memorable experience is " Levitation". Through that assignment I learned how to create awesome picture using the photoshop. Before that assignment I never used the Photoshop, and it was little bit hard to know how to use photoshop, and fit the picture on the right spot.
Basically the best high school year in my life and this class make it the best. Thank you Mrs Noack, hopefully we …


Shadow  The dribble of the basketball,The swish of the net,The squeaking of my shoes against The wood floor,The passion and determination thatI feel is indescribable,As sweat drips down my temples.
The basketball court is my home.It is where all my thoughts and emotionsAre erased from my mind and allI can think about is the basketball andThe hoop

Who Am I?


Planning: Who Am I

I'm exchange student from Serbia and I'm 18, I love my country and I really miss it. I'm coming back from United States in a month and I'm so excited. I have a loot of hobbies like traveling, playing sports, hanging out with my friends, playing with my pats, spending time with my family... My dream was to play basketball in United States, and that's achieve. I'm playing basketball form my first grade, which is 12 years, I remember my first step, of basketball and I will never forget that moment in my life. The most important thing in my "basketball life" is always to give 100% of you on the court, and also to win every game.

Cindy Sherman & Brandon Stanton

Cindy- is an American photographer and director of Film and Television, known for conceptual portraits. She's one of the most respected photographers of the late twentieth century. Sherman has developed a distinct signature style,  she's raised challenging and important questions about the role and representation of women in society, the media and the nature of the creation of art. The majority of her photographs are pictures of her, however, these photographs are most definitely not self-portraits. As a freshman on collage she's figure that she's copying other arts and then she realized that she could just use a camera and put her time into an idea instead. So after collage she's moving to leave in New York, where is she starting her carrier. Sherman places herself in the roles of B-movie actresses. Her photographs show her dressed up in wigs, hats, dresses, clothes unlike her own, playing the roles of characters. Her photographs for self-portraits, photographs on…


The purpose of the selfie is taking a picture of yourself, but also I think the selfie can be only if you are take a picture of yourself. I think some people are taking selfie because the want to remember that moment when they are in the good place, like to have the picture in memory. Some people are taking selfies every day, it's really famous but honestly I don't like it. Some people are taking selfie but also they want to show the background. Maybe thats the only way why I like the selfie, and I'm usually doing that. For example I was in New York on the Empire State Building, and I took a selfie of me but also I had a beautiful background. Some people are taking a selfies to show there mood, how are they feeling. So it's all in dependence of they're face, how are they looking, what are they wearing...

I don't think that the selfies are from art. In my opinion the art selfies are only if you are showing something like more then yourself. What I said in first q…


I'm traveling a loot, and I can call that like my hobby. This is where I been during the beautiful vacation. Very famous city in the world maybe one of my dreams to been there, it calls New York City. This is the best view in my life, the best city where I ever been. My best time in this year, I will never forgive this view and I will always saying to my friends in my country how beautiful is in the New York City. I enjoyed in every second on Empire State Building, actually I enjoyed in every second in New York.