Intro to Levitation Photography

Levitation- The action of rising or causing something to rise and hover in the air, typically by means of supposed magical powers.
Paranormal- Denoting events or phenomena such as telekinesis or clairvoyance that are beyond the scope of normal scientific understanding.

Levitation is really interesting stuff, I was always thinking like how the people made this kind of pictures. It looks really difficult to do this kind of picture. Some people are flying, some of them are walking on the woods a loot of interesting pictures. For good levitation picture you need a camera that has manual focus capabilities, a tripod, a willing model, a strong fan, and something to prop your model up like :stool, chair, or ladder. If you have a camera remote, bring that along use Photoshop, your subject or the person whose levitate needs to be in motion, for example it needs to be pictured in different angle, different perspective. Also the background needs to be "fit" or need to make sense …


I live in a world of yellow and green,
An abundance of colors rarely seen,

With swirling seas of silver and gold,
And crystal mountain tops never foretold,

Sky of amber and clouds of peach,
I picture myself on a pink satin beach.

So open your eyes and let the colors shine through, 
As the colors were made for me and for you.

“The Photographers”

What are three interesting aspects that you want to remember about the movie. Explain, using at least 6 complete and thoughtful sentences.
These photographers are really risked and worked very hard to take some very nice shots. They are travelled all around the world to do their goal. They went through all different natural disasters to do what are they planed, and that was surprised me. But just because of that they got some of the best photos who ever did. A very important thing when photographers take pictures of some people, emotion and pose of the subject. Every picture tells a story and every photographer has a favorite story about the picture. They approached the animals that should kill them just to the take some pictures what they their minds That part was really interesting when the photographer said what's happened when she's asked some women's for photograph. They said no and they have to get permission from their father or their husband or some man…

History of Photography

The History of Photography is very interesting and I never think about it. This is first project when I needs to think about it and I learned a lot of stuffs about some Photographers and some kinds of cameras. Like Sally Mann, Diana Markosian, Jerry Uelsmann, Alfred Steiglitz, Berenice Abbott, The Disposable Camera, The 35mm Camera. Sally Mann is an photographer known for her intimate black-and-white portraits of her children and family. She is a very controversial photographer. A lot of her images are her children naked going about their daily lives, playing, eating, sleeping. The Disposable Camera, or single-use camera that is the name how I know for this camera. This is a simple box camera meant to be used then discarded. Some disposable cameras have integrated flash unit what kind I had actually my parents. The 35mm Camera was created in Thomas Edison’s lab which is really interesting information. It was made by cutting a roll of 70mm film in half and re-attaching the pieces togeth…

“Photos with Quotes”

For this specific photo I used different kinds of details I tried to combine quote and picture at the same time and also this is my dog, Hana and I miss her so much. I used different angle for this quote, different kind of letters and I used different styles of bleeding options. I tried to use the same color like how is the grass, but when you are using different styles it doesn't look like that. The size of the letters is 25. This picture is really good for something like this, because you have good space to put quote above the dog.  

This is some of my best shoots what I ever did in my life. Every picture needs to have right quote and this is some of my friends quote. He is always saying this quote when we are going to ski on Serbian mountain Kopaonik. For this photo I used brown color for quotes and the wrap text style is flag. Also I changed the angle of the quote. For this word "Kopaonik" I changed the thickness and I just use the right tool for it. 

I think this is v…


"Food"  Igor Nikolic I have very good friends in my country, who I love very much. As a surprise for my birthday, they took me to the best restaurant in my city. It was amazing, maybe the best food I've ever tasted. This is just one aspect of what we ate that day, and I would like to return that good old day. I love my friends and I love good food !!!


My city I've been in many places in the world, I have traveled so many times in my life, but one of my best place that I will always remember and favorite place where I love to spend and watch the sunrise is my terrace in my room. I have so many memories on this place and on this picture. Also I took this picture on day when I left my country, I love my city and I miss it.